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Domestic Violence

If you have been charged with a domestic assault or been served with an order of protection, contact the Law Offices of Douglas M. Scheinman immediately to discuss your important rights.

Nassau IDV Court

In an effort to make the court system run more effectively, the Nassau Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Court was created under the concept of “one family one judge.” The criminal case, family court case and (sometimes) divorce case are heard on the same date, but at different times. The benefit is fewer court appearances and a greater understanding by the court of the family dynamic and the intricacies within the family.

Attorney Douglas Scheinman has practiced in the Nassau IDV Court in Kew Gardens since the court was created. That means he has appeared in Nassau Criminal Court for more than two decades. He provides affordable legal representation in Nassau Family Court, Nassau Criminal Court and Nassau IDV Court.

Orders Of Protection/Domestic Violence

Applications for an order of protection can be filed against members of your household, persons with whom you have a child in common, or persons with whom you have had an intimate relationship. A court will frequently issue an order of protection even before the accused party has had the opportunity to be heard by the court. If you are summonsed or are considering filing a petition for an order of protection, it is strongly recommended you consult with an experienced attorney to protect your legal rights. The Law Offices of Douglas Scheinman has successfully represented numerous clients in this type of matter.

Individuals often are uncertain about the consequences of facing a protective order. Douglas Scheinman has the experience and insight to discuss all possible ramifications. Mr. Scheinman guides clients through this difficult decision and process providing dedicated and continuous representation to ensure they have an advocate who understands them. He has handled hundreds of cases in Nassau and Nassau counties, and appears in all other boroughs of New York City, as well as Suffolk County.

A Prompt Response Is Important

In many cases, individuals are removed from their residences pursuant to an order of protection filed by their spouses, ex-spouses or significant others. The court errs on the side of caution, being sensitive to the initial allegations often granting an order of protection without the benefit of both parties having an opportunity to share both sides of the story.

The goal in such matters is to move as quickly as possible to challenge the validity of such allegations, or to prove the allegations if our clients are the petitioners. We also assist parents in obtaining visitation after an order of protection. Such orders are often used as a weapon to gain leverage for both custody of the children and in divorce proceedings. It is essential that you have aggressive, experienced representation to protect your rights against false charges.

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